Ngati Porou Sub TribesTe Puea always stressed the importance of iwi over hapu (the tribe over the sub-tribe or family grouping). Ngāti Porou fought Ngāti Porou, and two factions emerged. years ago and said many of the original attendants were inspired. Hui Taumata at Ruatoria, focused on setting up a Ngati Porou organsation. Tereanini - belonged to Rongomaituaho, (son of Paikea) while he resided in Hawaiki. Two exceptions are Ngati Porou don't use macrons and Waikato-Tainui use double vowels. Our name is derived from our ancestor Porourangi, whose descendants were great warriors who established our tribe’s territories in the East Coast and Gisborne regions. Each iwi (“tribe”) contains a number of hapū ("sub-tribes") and whānau ("family"). The area of the Ngāti Mutunga rohe described above is approximately 63,200 hectares (156,000 acres) according to a digital map calculation done in 2003. In May 2013, on a beautiful Monday morning, around 150 members of hapū 'sub-tribes' from around the Bay of Islands, including Ngāti Manu and Te. Te Rauparaha was the chief of the Ngati Toarangatira tribe, a sub-tribe of the Tainui that lived in Kawhia, north of Waikato. 16 A new board charts new direction iSSuE 01MAEHE/MARCH Protecting and sustaining our marae focus of expo page 3 Nati liNk. Poverty Bay vs East Coast 23rd August 2014. In 1990, 3780 hectares was returned to Ngati Porou – including Maunga Hikurangi. Same as MSC-0979 Chants recorded by 4YA from wax cylinders made ca. By: Gudgeon, Walter Edward, 1841-1920 Ref: Micro-MS-0179 Description: Genealogies of Hawkes Bay, Poverty Bay and Northland tribes; index and some vocabulary . Porourangi, active 1450? Eponymous ancestor of Ngāti Porou. Ngāti Porou leader Rāpata Wahawaha opposed the Pai Mārire religion and sided with the government against its followers. According to Halbert in his book Horouta, Ruawaipū (aka 1375AD) descended from the Tahatītī hapū of Te…. But warfare was mostly of short duration, and reconciliation afterwards would often be through a. It is particularly important you enter Ngati Porou ki Harataunga or Ngati. Ngāti Waewae are considered kaitiaki (guardians) of pounamu. 30pm (LIVE STREAM – via RnP) Whakarua Park, Ruatoria Congratulations to Sam Parkes #1062 on playing his 50th First …. Te Aitanga a Hauiti and Uepohatu, two other East Cape tribes, also claim that they predate Ngati Porou and that the mandate given to TRONP to negotiate all East Cape Treaty claims has itself created a new grievance. The tribe received a settlement in relation to the Waikato River in 2010, receiving $10-million co-management funding, and $1-million a year for 19 years. Ngati Porou East Coast vs Buller. A Ngati Porou approach Te Whakamaori i a Nga Tama Toa p. He was told that time of the temple had come and he was to construct it. Te Arawa is a confederation of Māori iwi and hapu (tribes and sub-tribes) of New Zealand who trace their ancestry to the Arawa migration canoe (waka). Rapata Wahawaha (?–1897) was a chief of the Te Aowera hapu (sub-tribe) of Ngati Porou. At over 110,000 hectares, the Raukumara Forest Park is a cultural heart for the second largest Māori tribe in NZ. Ngati Konohi based themselves at Whangara, a tiny settlement in the East Coast of the North Island. Several songs were composed about him by Riria Turi whewhe. After a 23-year career as a traditional carver, Mark started doing ta moko full-time. Tihe mauri ora! Alas, the breath of life! BETWEEN the seaside settlements of Whareponga and Waipiro lies an enclave that proudly identifies itself as Te Whānaua-Rākairoa. AITANGA A TU A sub tribe of Ngati Kahungunu. The large basket, the size of a large handbag, was woven by Dale Farris of the Ngati Porou iwi. Ko Te Whānau-a-Rākairoa te hapū. Ngati Porou’s Api Mahuika was intent on building for future generations. significant sub-tribe of the Ngati Porou tribe. Built in 1903 with gifted use of land and support from Te Whanau a Iritekura, (the local sub-tribe), it was extended to care for. This report specifically targets Ngāti Porou ki Harataunga tribal members and RMA decision-makers at the Thames-Coromandel District Council but the content will also have relevance for other iwi and local government authorities. A national hui held in Wellington in 1979. The late Major Ropata Wahawaha, M. Wahawaha and hundreds of warriors from Ngati Porou and Hikurangi. Largest Maori Tribes A 2013 New Zealand census listed the four largest Maori tribes as the ones listed below along with their population. The name of Ngati-Porou does not by any means convey a correct idea of the assemblage of tribes now known under that designation. This means that differences between the original deed and. A famous early example of this process is the peace that was made on a small hill in the centre of what is now the Auckland Domain by Te Wherowhero, the Waikato chief who would later become the first Maori King, northern tribes, and Ngati Whatua. My Dad's Genealogy; My Mum's Genealogy; Crawford; Larsdatter; McLeod; Vail; Labels. Ngāti Porou is the name of a tribe of . Their proverbs echo the tribal saying, reinforcing the mana of the sub-tribes and families who live there. Exciting Changes Ahead for Ngati Porou Hauora p. In July, 1869, when Lieutenant Preece was with Colonel Whitmore at Wellington after the return from the Urewera expedition, the steamer "St. In July, 1869, when Lieutenant Preece was with Colonel Whitmore at Wellington after the return from the Urewera expedition, the steamer “St. Many of the iwi names are frequently spelt with macrons over some letters - they have been omitted here to make it easier to link to articles - please check with the list from Māori Wikipedia for macron usage. In the first of these classes are the Ngati-Rua-nuku, who, as related on page 32, vol. The New Zealand National Party was elected in 2008 to lead a coalition government that has been committed to opening up the land and sea around. The unique and inspiring stories of Ngati Porou illustrate pragmatic leadership and innovation, which has empowered whanau to evolve and adapt, so that the diversity of the hapu (tribe) and richness of the culture is maintained. possessed of their present lands. They will secure customary title over the East Coast foreshore and seabed through the Nga Rohe Moana o Nga Hapu o Ngati Porou Bill, which receives its third and final reading in Parliament today. Regardless of where we are, maintaining these connections have been crucial to our life, and we have worked hard to stay connected. After the Tarawera eruption in 1886, Ngati Tuhourangi whose land had been wasted in the disaster area, were given sanctuary on a block of land in the Aroha Survey District. She is affiliated with the Ngati Awa and Ngati Porou tribes and is the IUCN councillor with special. Shelford, Oliver Edward, 1833 (1833 - 1906) - Oliver was born on 6 Jan 1837 in Great Chesterford, Essex. He belonged to Te Whanau-a-Rerewa, which has sub-tribal links with Ngai Tuiti-Matua and Te Whanau-a-Tu-whakairi-ora of the Ngati Porou tribal confederation. In New Zealand society, iwi (Template:IPA2) form the largest everyday social units in Māori populations. From the many waka came ngati (tribes) and hapu (or sub-tribes). Hamoterangi is a descendant of those ancestors who came on this canoe. We are one of the smallest and most unique. Featured artwork and artist statements by 12. The network of specialists on geomorphology and . Mana whenua can be associated with the "possession of land, the ability. Working in the environment is rewarding but what really makes it special is that our mahi is contributing to the current and future prosperity of our tribe socially and economically. Pounamu occurs all over the West Coast, but it is the stone found on the Arahura river and its tributaries that is most precious to them. So the practice of slavery was among the Gisborne tribes… There are various versions on Ngata Pa story. Since the arrival of European colonisers, whakapapa has been defined, used, and researched in various ways. Porou ki Mataora as this information could contribute . At a hapu or sub-tribe level, whānau relate to . Ngāpuhi has the largest affiliation of any iwi, with 125,601 people identifying as Ngāpuhi in the 2013 census, and an estimated 165,201 people affiliating to Ngāpuhi in 2018 based on 2018 census data. She composed many songs and hakas, and was the subject of a very spirited composition. Te Rauparaha was the son of the chief Werawera. / Ngāti Te Kanawa is a sub-tribe of Ngāti Maniapoto; and they are the descendants of Te Kanawa. The eponymous ancestor of this tribe was Tahu-potiki, a younger brother of Porou-rangi, from whom Ngati-Potou derive their tribal name. Ngati Porou and Maori migration overall in the 1960s was massive. Ngati Porou Seafoods new co-owner of South Island based Salmon farming company. The Ngati Porou ki Harataunga ki Mataora division principally located in the districts of Mataora, and Harataunga (otherwise know as “Kennedy's Bay”). Ko Ngāti Te Kanawa he hapū nō Ngāti Maniapoto; arā ko ngā uri o Te Kanawa (M 2004:304). We are united also by our love of the land, . It was there that she began teaching the beliefs that would sustain the King Movement: work, faith (specifically the Pai Marire faith, which became strongly established in the Waikato region), and pan-Māori unity through the King Movement. An early days Maori Minister: The Rev. Especially in the presence of other tribes, this saying is accompanied by songs of famous ancestors such as Māui and his canoe Nukutaimemeha, and Paikea and his grand history. The kumara season is under way once again and there certainly are some big ones about this year. She wrote her first song—He Nawe Kei Roto—in 1933. Kilda” arrived from the East Coast with one hundred or one hundred and twenty Ngati-Porou men under Hati te Houkamau (a young chief from Hicks Bay), Paratene Ngata (father of the Hon. The Nga Hapu o Ngati Porou Foreshore and Seabed Implementation Committee also provided an update Radio Ngati Porou chief executive Erana Reedy , on the proposed changes to the FSSB Act and how spoke about organising the first Huinga Rangatahi 26 these might impact on Ngati Porou. Ngati Porou is the second largest iwi by population and is based on the Each iwi (“tribe”) contains a number of hapū ("sub-tribes") and . Of Te whanau a Tuwhakairiora, Whetu is the sole charge Police Sergeant in Te Kaha and has become involved with the TVC club. However, Thames Valley ran rampant to score a 52-35 win over Mid. The loyal tribes were called Kupapa Maori. This list has been adapted from the list on the Māori Wikipedia. Schedule 2: amended, on 26 September 2006, by section 100(1) of the Te Arawa Lakes Settlement Act 2006 (2006 No 43). I am inspired by this to try to find out more about my Pakeha side. Like Ngāi Tahu, Ngati Mamoe were recent. In those days, particularly during and after the musket wars, the Maori population was reduced from approximately 100,000 to a mere 60,000 (est) and this carnage was perpetrated by Maori on its own people - yet all we hear from the revisionists like Tanith. The writings of Mohi Ruatapu, a Tohunga of Tokomaru Bay. The legend states that there was a young warrior called Mataora, who fell in love with the princess of the underworld, called Niwareka. - he 'married' Iritana Te PAENGA in Waima, Hokianga South, although no marriage record has ever been found. We are a collective of members who whakapapa (affiliate) to Ngati Porou, an iwi (tribe) in Te Tairawhiti. Legal entity: Common Law Trust. The 2006 census figures show that over 70,000 people affiliate to Ngāti Porou – a population 35 times larger than the five Maa-nulth Nations combined. Tairāwhiti tribe Ngāti Porou is applying for customary marine title for a "reasonable" stretch of the coastline in its territory, as it seeks to protect its beaches, it says. In times of crisis existing leadership patterns were challenged and as often as not new leaders emerged to lead the tribe. Other ancestors include Māui, accredited in oral tradition with raising the North Island from the sea, and Paikea, the whale rider. The traditional rohe or tribal area of Ngāti Porou extends from Pōtikirua and Lottin Point in the north to Te Toka-a-Taiau in the south. Poutini was a taniwha or guardian of pounamu. In the conflict known as Te Heke a Ngāi Tuere, the descendants of Tuere (Porourangi’s grandson) reclaimed the northern territory of the Ruawaipū people, who were invaded by the Bay of Plenty tribe Ngā Oho. Includes: Nga Puhi; Ngati Whatua; Ngati Porou; Ngati Paoa; Ngati Maru; Ngati T Maori material Date: 1840, nd From: Whiteley, John, 1806-1869 : Papers Ref: MS-Papers-0484-4 Description: Translation of `He tangi mo Te Rangihiroa' by the ancestors of Te Wharepouri on the occasion of the Ngati Toa tribe leaving Taranaki & anticipating an attack. Ngāti Kurī trace their whakapapa (ancestry) back to Pōhurihanga, the captain of the waka (canoe) Kurahaupō. The authoress was a high-born lady of Te Aitanga a Mate sub-tribe of Ngati Porou, living at Whareponga, and a famous beauty of her time. She produced two sons, Tawhiwhi and Māhaki, who in turn are important members of Ngāti Porou and the Te Aitanga-a-Māhaki sub-tribes. HISTORY IN THE MAKING: Today marks the completion of a major milestone for many hapu, or sub-tribes, of Ngati Porou. The ultimate aim is to strengthen the tribe's economic, social and cultural base. During her tour of the East Coast in the late 1930s Te Puea visited Ngati Porou marae where, to her surprise, she was accepted,despite her links to the king movement which Ngati Porou had always despised for its isolation and backwardness. Ngāpuhi (or Ngā Puhi) is a Māori iwi associated with the Northland region of New Zealand and centred in the Hokianga, the Bay of Islands, and Whangārei. Eastern Bay of Plenty Area Commander, Inspector Stuart Nightingale says he's thrilled with the design concept, which includes a roofline reflecting the valleys of the area. Ngati Oneone are the hapu (sub-tribe) of this area. The primary focus of this thesis is to explore the reasons for Ngati Porou participation in the wars in New Zealand during the 1860s. My Dad's Genealogy; My Mum's Genealogy; Crawford;. Ngāti Porou is proud of their links with kindred tribes such as Te Whānau-ā-Apanui. Saturday 3rd April (Ripper) ROUND 3. Poroumata Another significant incident was the murder of Poroumata at coastal Whareponga. Ko ia nei a Ngāti Porou Tūturu” This is the territory that embraces Ngāti Porou proper. The Maori word iwi translates to "people" or "nation" in English. The two other panelists were: Ms. Ngāti Kurī is a Māori iwi from Northland, New Zealand. The tribal authority Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Porou was established in 1987 to provide a strong political collective voice for the tribe and its sub-tribes, especially in negotiations with the Crown. The website also hosts more than 800 million British records. There was no prior consultation with these communities whatsoever. Ko Te Whanau a Tuwhakairiora te hapu. 20 for example, the wai 262 claim by ngati kuri, te rarawa and ngati wai places reliance on the guarantee in article 2 of the maori version of te tiriti to protect for the chiefs, tribes and all their people their te tino rangatiratanga o o ratou wenua o ratou kainga me o ratou taonga katoa, which translated means "protection over their lands, villages and all their treasures". Ngāti Porou has the second-largest affiliation of any iwi in New Zealand, with 71,910 registered members in 2006. Jennifer Tauli Corpuz, Member, Kankana- . Ngati Hine elder, Erima Henare says, "The Crown continues to say that sub-tribes are prolonging a settlement that would address unemployment and housing among other things, and I say that these problems were caused by the Crown, not us. It is governed by three trustees from each of the four marae. Chairman of the Ngāti Porou Holding Company (Ngāti Porou Holdco) Matanuku Mahuika says that Ngāti Porou has a . Services; Registration; Whakapakari te Kāinga o Ngāti Mutunga. East Coast tribe, Ngāti Porou, believe the canoe ended up somewhere else. 1909, held by the Museum; Lament 10-12-15-11-14 (Cylinder 9 Box 1) (MST7-0113). The most senior of the founding ancestors is Ruawaipū. (Ngati-Porou) By Riria Turiwhewhe. Led by the late Tuta Nihoniho, a noted chief of the Hikurangi sub-tribes, a section of Ngati Porou registered their protest against the rating of Use/Reproduction Crown copyright Source Te Ao Hou - No. His name was given to the sub-tribe Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti because of his incursions into Uepōhatu territory, his ousting of the powerful Ngāti Ira tribe from the territory, and his descendants' strategic marriages. Ko Hikurangi te maunga, Ko Waiapu te awa, Ko Ngāti Porou te iwi (Hikurangi is the mountain I affiliate to, Waiapu the river, and Ngati Porou the tribe). In the early 1800s some sections of Ngāti Porou moved to Harataunga (Kennedy Bay, Coromandel), where land was gifted to them by the The tribal proverb of identity. The most recognized religious movement made by the Maori in Wairoa was the Kohititanga movement. Ropata Wahawaha, a war chief in Ngati Porou, led a contingent that tracked down the Hauhau responsible for this attack and personally executed the Hauhau who came from his own sub-tribe. tribes, my tribes, like Whakatohea, Ngati Porou, Ngati Kahungunu, and Ngai Tabu, and, through sub-tribes, the Motueka area in Nelson. I agree that my details on the Ngati Porou . While Ngāi Tahu occupied Wairau and Kaikōura, interaction linked Ngāi Tahu by whakapapa to many of the tribes which still inhabit the northern South Island, including Rangitane. Answer: At what time and in what respect? During the 19th Century Musket Wars the northern tribes that had obtained guns from the settlers were. Schedule 2: amended, on 6 April 2012, by section 156(3) of the Ngati Porou Claims Settlement Act 2012 (2012 No 31). The HOATI-HOROU tribe occupies nost of that torri-. Many sub-tribes recite their own proverbs and songs at Ngāti Porou gatherings. Read the story under Iritana and those of. The total area of the block is 48. The tribes are based in the Rotorua and Bay of Plenty areas and have a population of around 40,000. Between 1865 and the 1870s civil war broke out. Of the first-named tribe, who once owned all the country lying between the Waiapu River and Whare-kaihika, there are now the following hapus extant:— (1) Whanau-a-Tu-whakairi-ora. We are committed to sustainable hapu (sub-tribe) development, the preservation and use of matauranga Maori (traditional and contemporary Maori knowledge), and advancing rangatahi (youth) education and participation. His first wife was—it is said—a woman of the land, called Te-ahuru-mo-wairaka, concerning whose descendants, if any, I know nothing. She was at her prime during the Hauhau wars, and died after that period. Ngati Porou is the second largest iwi by population and is based on the Northern Island of New Zealand. The politician Sir Apirana Ngata was Ngāti Porou's most important leader. There is no doubt that Thames Valley underplayed their hand in defeating Ngati Porou East Coast 35-19 at Ruatoria last Saturday. However, Ngāi Tahu’s strongest rivals for control of the island’s resources as a whole were Ngati Mamoe. He was a fine orator and leader, and one of the last from a generation gifted in the remembering of the geneaological tables and history of the Whanau-a-Apanui and Ngati-Porou tribes. Their population grew and were eventually divided into different tribes (and sub tribes) across the 2 islands. Ngāti Manu are adamant their claims to the sea and land in the Bay of Islands will never end under the present mandate. [1] In ancient times, the names of the ancestors were taught to the eldest son or the son with the most intelligence. First designs for Tāneatua Police Base revealed. Our tamariki (children) and mokopuna (grandchildren) are of Te Whānau-a- Apanui, Ngati Porou (Eastern tribes of New Zealand), Danish and Irish descent, and we encourage them to celebrate and embrace their multiple identities so that these serve as the foundations upon which they can construct their future by being able to define themselves (mana tangata), know where they belong (mana whenua. Pre-European historyNgāti Porou takes its name from the ancestor Porourangi, also known as Porou Ariki. 1988: Pakihiroa Station purchased as turangawaewae for all Ngati Porou. © 2021 by Ngā ti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated. Rapata Wahawaha was born about 1820 into the Te Aowera sub-tribe of the Ngati Porou, one of the major Maori tribes in the eastern regions of the North Island of New Zealand. The following year another national hui was held in Ngaruawāhia, Hamilton and Te Kōhanga Reo was born. (sub-tribes), and iwi in the foreshore and seabed to be acknowledged and specific rights be identified and protected Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. His descendants were great warriors who established the tribe's territory in the East Coast and . Ngati Porou won the award in 2013, but faced criticism about its management and financial oversight a few months later. The Māori word "iwi" means tribe, "a set of people bound together by descent from a common ancestor or ancestors"; literally, "bone". The hapu is the main unit in the Maori social structure. At the end of the trail, at Otuwhare marae, the Whanau-a-Apanui people will be . and Tūhoe tribes) • C Company was drawn from the Tairāwhiti/East Coast region (Ngāti Porou, Rongowhakaata and sub-tribes) • D Company drew its men from a much wider area, covering the Waikato–Maniapoto confederation, the Taranaki, Wellington and Manawatū–Horowhenua tribes, Ngāti Kahungunu of Hawke’s Bay–. Te Wera's flotilla passed along the shores occupied by the Ngati Porou, Ngati-Kahungunu, and their numerous sub-tribes, no doubt causing the usual consternation, which the recollection of Te Wera's and Titore's former expedition of 1820-21, and that of Hongi and Te Morenga in 1818, would emphasize in no small. An East Coast tribe allied to Ngati Porou. pattems that emerged within the tribe during the period 1865 - 1872, though this dimension of Ngati Porou history is not canvassed exhaustively here. We are a Māori owned and operated health service. A huge voluntary effort went into . He became one of Ngai Tahu's most famous warrior chiefs. Ngāti Porou fondly refers to itself as Te Wīwī Nāti. Ngati Porou East Coast – New Coach February 25, 2014 East Coast RFU Heartland. who in turn are important members of Ngāti Porou and the Te Aitanga-a-Māhaki sub-tribes. The tribe is associated with the east coast area of New Zealand's North Island. migration (b) The Whakapapa of Porourangi connecting Ngati Porou to other tribes. I authorise Te Runanganui O Ngati Porou to share my name and contact details with my: Marae. MOST VALUABLE PLAYER 2014: Charlie Harrison Charlie ‘Dread’ Harrison is a 99 game veteran who has the spring in his step of a rookie. It aims to document the views and experience of Ngāti Porou ki Harataunga,. Team Announcement Ngāti Porou East Coast vs BULLER Saturday -16th October 2. Paikea, the great ancestor of the Ngati-Porou tribe is said to have landed at Ahuahu,2 from the back of his taniwha ancestor, Paikea, whose name he then adopted in commemoration of the great exploit. Te Rakahurumai was a chief of Te Aitanga-a-mate, of Te Aowera, and other sub-tribes of Ngati-Porou. The big man turned out for Hicks Bay, Te Araroa Combined, Kawakawa Combined, Tokararangi, Waiapu and Matakaoa sub-union, played 115 games in the Sky Blue jersey between 1979 and 2002, was player-coach in 2006 and represented Poverty Bay-East Coast games twice, once in 1992 and once in 1999. Ngāti Porou are also recognised as having a traditional territory of approximately 400,000 hectares, though in most other respects the two groups are very different. Ngäti Porou and the Crown have agreed Ngäti Porou will receive a financial settlement of $110 million, comprising $90 million in financial and commercial redress and $20 million in cultural redress. A man named Te Kere-horua of the Ngati-Porou tribe, really a sub-tribe of Ngati-Kahu-ngunu, had been killed by the Tologa Bay people, and a chief named Potae-aute went to Nuku and asked him to settle the disturbance that had arisen. Ngäti Porou will also receive interest accrued on the financial and commercial redress since 23 October 2008. Ngati Porou and the Minister acknowledge that they are obliged to give effect to this Protocol and to act in good faith, fairly, reasonably and honourably towards each other. Anthropological research however, tends to indicate that most Māori in pre-European times gave their primary. Matanuku Mahuika says applications will reflect the tribe's past and. Ngati Maniapoto For Ngati Maniapoto the legislation includes setting up a co-governance and co-management arrangement of the Waipa River between the Government and the iwi. It belongs to the ancestral lands of the Ngati Porou tribe, although Whangara's hapu (sub-tribe) is the Ngati Konohi. As a result my children are taking an interest in where they come from. Robert was proud of his Maori heritage and was mindful and respectful of his culture and its protocols. South Canterbury remains on top of the Bunnings Heartland Championship but it took a late try to debut player Luke Glenn to seal the deal as they beat North Otago 33-27. In te reo; includes whakapapa tables; Ngati Porou of Hawkes Bay. NTOTW IV Manu Caddie Tuesday 5 04 2022 April 5, 2022 Climate adaptation research in Aotearoa is set to be invigorated by an unprecedented 14. Whiro-nui, Tahu, Paoa, Kahungunu, Ira, Tama-te-kapua, Oho,. Here are some key milestones of our journey. Taumarumaru: he waiata aroha na Arnold Reedy o Ngati Porou. We will do this by growing our database of naatis in Poneke (yes there are 12,000 of us) and get amongst the community to promote ngatiporoutanga, whakawhanaungatanga and keep. Incredible PC game bundle, from $10 Buy from Fanatical. (sub-tribe) is the Ngati Konohi. Our story begins with the establishment of our own Iwi governance entity, Te Runanga o Ngati Porou. Whetumatarau is our sacred mountain and the Awatere river is our Mauri (life force). nz Marty Janssen (Dad) Mob: 021 399 112. TV1 Good Mo Contact Details Kathryn Passier (Mum) Mob: 0275 800 079 Phone : +64 (9) 279 2918 Email : [email protected] Ko Ngati Porou to iwi - Ngati Porou the people Ko Lynette Reid ahau - I am Lynette Reid. The fear he created led government forces and Kupapa Maori to invade the Urewera and force him to retreat to the central North. While still a child he was captured and became the slave of Rapata Whakapuhia whose name he perforce adopted. and to be the voice and representative body for Maungaharuru-Tangitū Hapū (Sub-Tribes). Chants of the Ngati Kahungunu and Ngati Porou; also Ancient lament recited at Gisborne at the Hui Aroha, April 1919 by Rangi Te Rito of the Ngati Tohongatatura tribe. In 1865 the Te Aowera sub-tribe at Mangaone, led by Hēnare Nihohiho and Rāpata Wahawaha, repelled the well-armed forces of Hauhau advancing into Ngāti Porou. Not to be bundled up with its cousins of Te. Ngapuhi (125,601); Ngati Porou (71,049); Ngai Tahu (54,819); Waikato (40,083). In August the partnership announced that 2degrees would provide all mobile voice and data services to a consortium of seven Ngati Porou organizations, made up of Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou, Ngati Porou Fisheries. · Kahungunu and Tainui–Waikato. It has been described as one of the biggest population transitions in history, moving from . The trust governs the tribe's Treaty of Waitangi settlement under the Ngāti. Ngāti Whare is an iwi (tribe) of the central North Island, whose customary rohe (territory) runs through the south-west Urewera and parts of the Kaingaroa region, including the area known as Te Whaiti-nui-a-Toi. Further south Te Rauparaha was a formidable opponent. Ngāti Porou is a Māori iwi traditionally located in the East Cape and Gisborne regions of the North Island of New Zealand. Saturday 10th April (Ripper) ROUND 1. Iwi Maori means the Maori Tribes. The fund is an outcome of an innovative partnership between the East Coast tribe and mobile telecommunications company, 2degrees. [6] He was a direct descendant of Toi-kai-rākau. Answer (1 of 6): Maori is the name assigned to the "tangata whenua" (People of the Land)of New Zealand by the early 19th century Government. from the tribes and sub-tribes of Te Whānau-a-Apanui and Ngāti Porou. tribe living at Te Mahia peninsula. AITANGA A TE POPOROKEWA Descendants of Poporokewa. In my tribe, Ngāti Porou, whakapapa has been described as the 'heart and core of all Māori institutions from Creation to what is now iwi' (Mahuika 1998, p. The reason for this song was this : Te Titaka was the senior wife of Te Rakahurumai, and he later married Turiwhewhe. The resistance stopped, and the Ngati-Porou rebels, hapu by hapu, were called out. Peter is pictured with his mother. Some of the sub-tribes, or Hapu are: NGATI-KURI, NGATI-KAHU, NGATI HIKIHIKI, NGATI-HINE, NGATI-POU, NGATI-WHATUA, NGATI-MARU, and many others. All those who have come the influence of hapu or sub-tribe and iwican also be felt. They also retained the Hanan Shield, the Phil Gard and Bill Direen Memorial trophies. From farming to culture to sport, his influence in the first half of the 20th century was immense. The rugged terrain and coastline of the tribal region is dotted with settlements, each rich in local stories. It symbolically encapsulates the much wider context in which tribal members exist and indicates an association with a geographical area. Ngāti Waewae is a (hapū) sub-tribe of Ngāi Tahu, the largest tribe of the New Zealand’s South Island. The people there now are descendants of Konohi who moved his wives and children away from the main tribe. Hone Rongomaitu, the composer, was of Te Whanau a Hinetapora sub-tribe of Ngati Porou, and sang this lament from Purapuraure pa, near Tuparoa, for Te Whetukamokamo, who was shot by the war party of Nga Puhi under Pomare on the upper reaches of the Awatare river during the siege of Te Whetumatarau pa. , the Whanau-o-Rua-waipu and the Ngati-Ue-pohatu. It is administered by a chairperson, general manager and iwi registrar, and is based in Murupara. Now, in the days of these chiefs, a certain woman of Ngati-Matakore (a sub-tribe of Ngati-Maniapoto) went out alone into the forest at Pa-motumotu (a mountain on the west side of the Mongatutu stream, north of the Rangitoto range) to gather the berries of the tawa tree for food. Connection with ancestors Maori also acknowledge tupuna or ancestors. In the third class we have two tribes who were anciently of great importance, viz. , says of Te Kani, "He was a great chief of his own tribe which lives on the East Coast, he had very great power over his tribe, the Ngati-Porou, but the hapu with whom he permanently lived was Te Itanga-Hauiti, at Uāwa. His legend inspired Witi Ihimeara's novel Whale Rider and the film based on Ihimeara's novel. The account given by the Ngati-Porou concerning this tribe is as follows : When Porou-rangi died, his brother Tahu took the widow Hamo to wife, and by her had one, if not more, sons, one of whom was Rua-nuku. Whanau is more than just 'family' - it is about identity, purpose and being connected. The text and some of the notes were communicated by Paratene Ngata and Hone Ngatoto. A guide to understand the process to ratify the amenements to the Nga Hapu o Ngati Porou Foreshore and Seabed Deed of Agreement 2008. Nga kōrero a Mohi Ruatapu: tohunga rongonui o Ngati Porou. On an isolated stretch of land where Māori traditions and pure rural living. Ahi Mokopuna is the name of a new joint venture partnership that bought a significant stake in the aquaculture industry sustainably growing sea-reared King Salmon. According to a Te Ara article his full name was "Porou-ariki Mata-tara-a-whare, te tuhimāreikura o Rauru" after being born during a red-tipped dawn. Nukutere - belonged to Te Whironui. nau mai, haere mai Welcome to ngāti porou hauora. She climbed up through the bush seeking the fruit of the tawa. Work is progressing on a new police base in Tāneatua - with the first designs of the building revealed. It is where their most prized resource pounamu is found. Each sub-tribe (hapu) consisted of several. This boy was taken to the South Island, where he grew to manhood ; but eventually was brought back by his father. Saturday 27th March (Ripper) ROUND 2. Bush's returns, is a sub-tribe of Ngatiporou ; also the hapus resident at Mataora and Kennedy's Bay are emigrants from that tribe. Little is known of his early life, except that he was captured by Rongowhakaata (of Gisborne/Poverty Bay) in an inter-tribal conflict and later released. Especially in the presence of other tribes, . The loyalist members of Ngati Porou were extremely angered by these attacks on non-military personnel. When Ngā Oho killed the Ruawaipū chief Tamatea-arahia, his daughter Tamatea-ūpoko and others fled to Whāngārā. Early in November 1865, a large group of Hauhau built a Pa on the outskirts of a European settlement in Poverty Bay, just out of Gisborne. Alternative names for some iwi are given in brackets. Each tribe (Iwi) is divided into smaller sub-tribes of approximately five hundred people called hapu. AITANGA A TE RAPUWAI A South Island tribe. The line of descent given is to the famous Ropata of Ngati-Porou, a staunch ally of ours during the fighting on the East Coast in the years 1865-71, and whose life has been written by Colonel Porter. Peter, whose mother was the former Rachel Fairlie, is descended from Matiaha Pahewa, the first Maori Church of England clergyman in Tokomaru Bay. Rangitukia are represented by a number of tīpuna (ancestors), all of whom are connected by whakapapa (genealogy). The evolution of TRONPnui Trust Deed Review About Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou Who we work with. Ngāti Kuta is my sub-tribe, Ngāpuhi is my tribe, Te Nana is my ancestor, Ngā Taiapa Rino o Te Poka o Whata Paraua (Ngārino) is my name. Date: c 1890-1910 From: Summersby, Reginald Francis Hinga, 1936-2014 : Papers re Ngati Porou Ref: MS-Papers-6250 Description: Contains Ngati Porou whakapapa, and includes additional whakapapa from related tribes Te Whanau-a-Apanui and Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki; also includes some waiata. iv of this Journal, were exterminated by Tu-whakairi ora and Paaka-nui. (Ngai Tahu, Ngati Porou Ngati Kahungunu) Associate Professor, Centre for Maori and Indigenous Planning and Development, Environment, Society and Design Division, Lincoln University. This is a list of the Māori iwi of New Zealand. Represents Ngāti Porou as an "iwi authority" for the purposes of the Resource Management Act 1991. " With 15 applications and up to 70 interested parties, the case has become a massive battle. The account given by the Ngati-Porou concerning this tribe is as follows : When Porou-rangi died, his brother Tahu took the widow Hamo to wife, and by her had one, if not more, sons, one of. Coined by Sir Apirana Ngata, the name compares the people to wīwī - close, compact-growing rushes. The rohe (tribal area) of the iwi is focused on the most northern tip of the North Island and includes the Kermadec. Porourangi is the first ancestor so this sub-tribe is still part of the larger tribe, Ngati Porou. Ethnographic context Ngati Porou and Te Whanau a Apanui (the two iwi on which this research is centred) are negotiating with the government/Crown2 in New Zealand for a degree of control and ownership over the foreshore (inter-tidal zone) in their tribal areas. After the Second World War many people joined the drift to the cities, seeking education and a better life. and Tūhoe tribes) • C Company was drawn from the Tairāwhiti/East Coast region (Ngāti Porou, Rongowhakaata and sub-tribes) • D Company drew its men from a much wider area, covering the Waikato-Maniapoto confederation, the Taranaki, Wellington and Manawatū-Horowhenua tribes, Ngāti Kahungunu of Hawke's Bay-. Porou-rangi, was indeed one of the progenitors of the tribe ; but not the only one, nor, indeed, the chief one. Ngapuhi (125,601) Ngati Porou (71,049) Ngai Tahu (54,819) Waikato (40,083). Over the years, they developed their own distinct culture, the Maori. Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou has evolved from a historic legacy of self-determination for Ngati Porou. Ngāti Porou East Coast vs Mid Canterbury. Porou through Afforestation Subsidies. Ikaroa-a-Rauru - captained by Maia. 1500 in the Uawa, Tolaga Bay area. Whangara, setting of Whale Rider (film & novel), is located on the East Coast of New Zealand's North Island. Article Carlson 78 what remains unclaimed is a matter for debate (Smith 2015). Most of the tribes claiming were sub-tribes of Ngati-tamatera, but the Ngati-Porou who had come on a visit and just settled down and stayed, received land at Mataora as a gift. (the authority/influence of a particular sub-tribe): 'It's like trying to put. Ngati Porou ki Poneke is the official taurahere for the Wellington area. Responses to the same question by a separate Māori sample set from the rohe (area) of the Ngati Porou iwi (tribe), patients of the primary health care provider Ngati Porou Hauora (health) Charitable Trust, in the Tairawhiti region on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand were also analysed (260 people with gout). Primary Health Organisations (PHO) in New Zealand. Elders representing most of the Māori tribes & sub-tribes throughout New Zealand gathered to discuss and agree on solutions to retain the Māori language for the next generations. Congratulations to everyone who picked up awards at the Ngati Porou East Coast 2014 Prizegiving held at Whakarua Park on Saturday 18 October. 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